Let’s talk SKINNY tacos…


Love tacos? Cheers. This recipe is a weeknight staple that comes together in minutes and your boyfriend might actually want to eat it.

SKINNY Turkey Tacos:

{for 1}


4 oz ground turkey [any lean ground meat would work well]

1/2 small onion diced

1 garlic clove minced

Trader Joe’s poultry rub + dash of cumin + dash of cayenne

2 small corn tortillas

2 T. Trader Joe’s reduced guilt guacamole

shredded green cabbage {protip: TJ’s sells this already washed}


Optional: tequila shot

Directions: Drizzle a tiny bit of oil into pan over medium heat. Toss in your onions, garlic & turkey. Season well with seasoning of choice [I love TJ’s poultry rub, but any mexican seasoning will work here]. Cook until turkey is no longer pink. When meat is done, heat your corn tortillas in a pan or in the microwave. I like to wrap mine in a damp paper towel and nuke for 30 seconds. Next, build your tacos. I like to follow this formula: tortilla+guac+meat+cabbage+salsa, but you do you here.

ground turkeycorntortilla

Only ingredients in these 99 cent tortillas: Corn, water, lime



Count your macros? Cool. Me, too.

{2 tacos}

Calories: 312

Protein: 25 g

Fat: 11 g

Carbs: 29g






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