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Thoughts on detox teas

I love a good detox. A good, hard reset after vacation, the holidays, you name it. In college I regularly completed Blue Print Juice cleanses at $199 a pop for 3 days of juice.  That’s right three days of liquid kale. Yum. During the height of eating paleo I would drink a bulletproof coffee for breakfast and fast until dinner. Even working out mid-afternoon. I seriously don’t know how the hell I did that back then.

Those of you that follow me on instagram: @cookinupturnup know that I recently joined Orange Theory Fitness. These workouts are no joke and require some serious carbs and calories to survive. Each workout I am outfitted with a heart rate monitor and burn anywhere from 600-800 calories. With that in mind I don’t know that juice cleanses and daily 12-hour fasts have a place in my life right now. I’m up about 8 lbs from my “normal” weight and I feel like I need something that will give me that extra boost along with exercise/ diet. On to detox teas…

Are you sitting down? I officially ordered the Teamiblends Tea 30 day detox. I have fallen victim to the marketing scheme that is detox teas. Before you click the back button on your browser hang with me. I love tea and I like the idea of starting my days with something warm.  Teami teas are supposed to help your body detox and get rid of bloat along with a healthy diet and exercise. I decided before the holidays would be the perfect time to try their 30 day detox. No, I am not being paid by them and the tea was not free. Today I plan to complete a 500 calorie fast. I’m using the LifeSum app to track my 5:2 fasting days (another post on LifeSum later). Anyways, tomorrow is day 1 of my 30 day detox and I plan to keep you updated on my instagram feed and here on the blog. I purchased the tea on Amazon (hello, Prime shipping), however if you purchase on the Teami website, scroll through #teami on instagram and grab a 10-20% off discount code from someone.

Happy hump day!



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